menubelfastWe're off up to Belfast early Saturday morning, while Gruel Guerilla does a sexy-meaty brunch in Established we'll be working away with a variation of our tomato menu that we will hold that evening in the cafe. It'll be a little bit special, a little bit stressful and a whole lot of fun. I'm not even sure if we have enough plates to pull this thing off! The first time NOTC has been on the road for a while and it's going to be great. If you're interested in coming along, pop ourselves a mail [supper@newsofthecurd.com] or stick your head into the wonderful people in Established and have them put your name down. Spaces are limited. We can sort out with veggies and those of the food intolerant stances. See ya there! Also keep an eye out on what Gruel Guerilla will be whipping up for brunch.

offset X souvenir present: HOMECOMING by Kevin


Are you coming or going?HOMECOMING an Art trail and homecoming party

Sunday March 16th day & night

This St Patricks bank holiday weekend,

SOUVENIR & OFFSET have teamed up with Hunt & Gather, Gruel Guerilla and a band of wildly creative artists and independent businesses to bring you a two-part celebration of coming home, and going home

A 100 minute art trail across dublin city, featuring posters inspired by the question "are you coming or going?" will be exhibited two by two in a call and response style. Themed culinary treats will be prepared along the way for daring trailers courtesy of GRUEL GUERILLA.

but be quick, pieces will only be available at a special discounted price for 100 minutes!

So we've put together a little care package to get you on your way, we've also decided to let you have a sup of our supa special:




It starts at 4. we feed you later. you'll be happy, you'll remember your mammy.


jan222014 We are at it again, our second supper of the year. This week it's a collaboration between myself and Robin! I'm really looking forward to it, we'll hopefully have our own batch of nukazuke up and running and be able to make a very interesting pickle salad. We'll once again be making Robin's amazing homemade soba noodles, this time adding beet puree into the mix! We are lending the idea of matcha salt from our good friend Junko Hamilton who also hosts some amazing suppers in her home. She also teaches Japanese Cookery!

We'll be picking up some amazing veg from Jenny McNally which will leave to some great pickles and some exciting Irish Kimchi! We are toying with the idea of lowering the number of people we have to our events, so there's a possibility there might only be 8 spots available on Wednesdays. We are liking the more relaxed, chatty meals! But we shall see!


For the moment if you are interested in coming along put us an email to: supper@newsofthecurd.com


See ya here!

Gruel Guerilla Christmas Dinner with Hunt & Gather by Kevin

christmasHere it is! The only way to have a NOTC Christmas Supper this year! We're booked out from 9th-21st so there's no more chances! Hunt & Gather have joined up with our Gruel Guerilla Team to produce this super local and filling Christmas Dinner in the marvelous 12 Henrietta St. Here's what the wonderful ladies have to stay about it:

Gruel Guerilla and Hunt&Gather Present: A Christmas DinnerJoin us on the 5th, 6th and 7th of December in the lavish surrounds of 12 Henrietta Street as we celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season. Taking inspiration from Joycean times and in particular his masterpiece ‘The Dead’ which incidentally was partly filmed in Henrietta, we invite you to an event of sensory exploration.

We will begin the evening at 7pm with a whiskey reception by Teelings Whiskey in the Drawing Room. Here you will be transported back to the 1800’s as you take in the surroundings of one of the earliest Georgian Streets in Dublin. http://www.teelingwhiskey.com/

When you’ve warmed by the open fires you will be escorted to one of the many long banquet tables. Here you will be treated to a dinner by the talented Gruel Guerilla ensemble inspired by the Christmas dinners of times past. http://gruelguerilla.com/

In costume and in character we then invite you to be entertained by some of Dublin’s most renowned performers, the PETTYCASH collective. After many successful shows throughout Dublin city including the Fringe festival and 10 Days in Dublin they have planned some intimate recitals, poetry readings, acoustic music and many surprises for you on the evening. https://www.facebook.com/pettycashcollective

Finally when you are full of Christmas charm and merriment it will be time to step out into the cold December air with the Library of King's Inn facing onto the western end of Henrietta Street. We hope you will be as inspired by this incredible and historical location as we were in creating such an evening.

Please RSVP for a seat at hunt.to.gather@gmail.com. BYOB (we are encouraging attendees to bring their own bottle of wine or beer) Dress to impress in your finest Joycean era inspired outfits (optional) Group bookings of 6 people or more - €40 each Single tickets (after Nov 24th) - €50 each Couple bookings (after Nov 24th) 2 for €90

We do cater to vegetarian requirements. Please inform us in advance and we will forward on vegetarian menu options.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Hunt & Gather

Well that's it! A dinner and a show! Hope to see you there!

3Square at Roasted Brown by Kevin

3sqlogobigWell some of you may know and as I found out tonight mny of you don't know. But last Monday Robin and I began our new idea of 3Square in Roasted Brown in Dublin's beautiful Filmbase. The idea is to split a café in two, one team dedicated to making the best food from local and seasonal food while the other team focus entirely on coffee. Shots weighed, timed and carefully looked after. All the while trying to presuade the customer to try a filter. Now that they have the four and a half minutes to spare hopefully the customer will too. As with all our food we've gone to the amazing traders of Temple Bar Food Market. Each Saturday we stock the fridges of Roasted Brown with the best bits we can find in the market. Each day we come up with the next day's menu. For the first month it's going to go a little something like this:


Each day will be new, new recipes, new dishes, new sandwiches, new salads, the works. It will continue like this for the first 30 days. As of tomorrow morning we are on to day 10. So 20 more days to go, there's time to get in and try out our ideas. After the 30, we'll have a definative list of everything we can serve up.

So that's it, it's plain and simple, the food is tasty, fresh and super seasonal.


People seem to not know where we are. This is somewhat of an issue for a café. So here it is. We are one Curved St. In Temple Bar. You get to the Button Factory. Across from the Button Factory there is a building called Filmbase. You enter Filmbase. You go up a flight of stairs. You arrive at one of the most beautiful spaces to drink coffee in Dublin. You order coffee. You order food. We have the chats. You sit. We feed and water you. It all works well. Come up and tell me what you think.

Here's a link to help too. CLICKY

Ok. That's it. We hope to see you soon!

BRUNCH SPESH | {RB} | JULY 20TH by gruelguerilla

Another fine week, another week to sit outside on Curved St. We'll get offering you some fruit salad again and most inportantly this week's special will be:

Rosemary grilled Watermelon steak topped w/

crumbled St.Tola Goats Cheese + sweet Cucumber*

*optional crispy bacon....pfft optional

Yeah, you're confused but intrigued I get that, but appear try and you can come hug me after.


See you there, 11-4. curved street. home of roasted brown and your future happiness.

The fourth ‘andPOPUP’ at TAMPandSTITCH by gruelguerilla

We are back, our once monthly feeding and watering of the who's who of Dublin social{networking} elite. This month we'll be getting yerr tastebuds all excited for HOTDOGSandHOPS!

Just have a look at here at what you'll miss if you don't turn up! Also everyone will laugh at you and that's just not cool. I didn't even tell them to laugh.

We are hopefully getting a special Double IPA from the magically folks at O'Hara's for the night, 7.5% to knock yerr block off.

It'll be great, it'll be tasty. There'll be hugs and the what not. Check out the auld facebook event and let us know you are in!

We'll be making enough to feed 100 of you hungry feckers. So get in and get fed. I shall also except the 'HOTDOG HONOUR' card from Twisted Pepper, so there you have it.


Well feck that. A new record some might say? 100 people, less than hour. A few stragglers and very warm chef.

People took to the streets....quietly, politely and cleaned up after themselves.

The G.B.B.Q sauce was a success, demands for the recipe shall be answered! Once there's fantastic diagrams to go with it, you'll have it.

I catered to the vegetarian masses! One fifth of the night was for them! BUT the vegetarians were not to be seen. TISK TISK veggies! Not enough iron to stay up late? Eh? Now I'll have to handle these magnificent mushroom burgers! Which the recipe has also been requested, so expect it too!

Our next event will go live next week! Get excited for:


JUNE 27th! 6pm till the stuff runs out!

I'll give you veggies one last chance! There'll be VEGGIEBALLS!

But for now I'm off to clean.

BRUNCH III {a modern introspective on eggs in popular culture} by gruelguerilla

Well it happened again, it was a smashing success with everybody fed and watered.

The sun shined and the bread toasted. Sadly my special wasn't deemed special by the majority of our customers. All I can say is damn them, damn them. It was brioche french toast for godsakes. FOOLS.

Well anyway, now that I have that out of my system. I'd like to let you know that next Saturday's Brunch Special shall be:


It shall be served with toast and it will be wonderful, it's exceptionally special. SPECIAL DAMN IT!

Well that's the ticket I must say, I may still be a wee bit on the tipsy side from our BURRITOSandBREWS night in Tamp & Stitch. But tipsy is best way to make brunch. Perhaps a donation box for a beer license?


Damn, I am a genius. Well let me end on that point.

See you Saturday, buy the damn special. It's special.

Solving Food Waste! by Robin

heartapple 30% of all food produced globally is wasted; this catchy statistic began making the rounds though news media earlier this year.We can all do our best to buy only what we need and make the most of everything we buy but none of that will ever reduce the kind of waste food thrown away by supermarkets and other businesses that sell food everyday; most, if not all of it perfectly edible.

I've worked in cafes, delis, restaurants and factories where I witnessed the harrowing sight of black bags of  fresh food chucked in the bin.

Working in a factory that processed meat was one of my first summer jobs and to be fair, they had a good policy for distributing its surplus among the staff. That factory is now gone and as I moved on to other things I saw noticed a sort of hysteria developing around liability and disposing of surplus food. By the time I was nearly finished secondary school it was a sacking offence to eat any food at the Centra I worked in part time, never mind the sacks of sandwiches, freshly-made ready meals, cooked meat they were chucking in the bin. This madness is still practised everywhere that fears liability, should someone be sick from eating perfectly okay food. I suspected this was a flimsy excuse for laziness and for putting the responsibility of food waste in someone else's lap.

Fortunately here in Dublin at least a Trinity based group Food Glorious Food have come up with an simple and effective solution: They liaise between businesses with surplus food and charities. The business can sign off liability to FGF who arrange for the food to be shared with people who need it. It's something I would really encourage more businesses in Dublin to get involved in and I hope we will see this model replicated elsewhere. As of today FGF won Social Entrepreneurs Ireland's Mini-Innovation award fund for their work. As food and energy prices rise and harvests continue to suffer from bad weather conditions, it is imperative that we eliminate senseless dumping of such a valuable and energy-intensive resource.

Make sure to LIKE Food Glorious Food Dublin on Facebook and spread the word! You can also follow them on Twitter @F_Glorious_F

Posted by ROBIN


Well it was a minor success, it was great for everyone involved

and everyone got their eggs. We chatted with most people and we'll keep working on it! We're already looking forward to this Saturday's Brunch with a magnificent special coming!

You shall come expecting buttermilk pancakes with fruit and orchard syrup and you shall receive! The buttermilk is made from the production of the McNally Family Farm's butter and it is amazing. You'll have the option of topping it off with some bacon if savory is what you're looking for.

We'll have the regular trio on this weekend too. Meat eggs, Veg eggs & the special coffee friendly {rb} granola!The granola just so you know is now available all week long in Roasted Brown. We make it with lashings of cardamon so it's bang on with {rb}'s amazing brewed coffees! Go try! You must!

Well I'm sure we'll pop back on with some bits during the week! Keep an eye out for some new tasty goods floating around cafés this week.

Tamp & Stitch Thursday Suppers March 28th by Kevin

tampnight2 Here we go again! An Izakaya at Tamp & Stitch. Here's the plan!

We have 1 table with 12 seats! On this table there is a set menu with 6 courses and a few other things! Upon entry you get a wonderful Japanese Beer and some bar snacks! There's also 2 miso soups and few other bits with the supper.

Also! There is a table for 5 and a bar that sit 4! From 7pm till 10pm you can book a seat for an hour! You'll be able to grab beers and some tapas style food from our menu!

Lots of interest in this night so get in early!

Una Cena Secreta! Viernes! Mexican Supper Round 3! Friday 22nd! by Kevin

supper220213 Round 3, this time I take on the bovinae family! It's time. We are going to try out wet burritos there's a smoking sauce I've been working on and with the mustardy goodness of the McNally's Watercress it's set to be a tasty meal! We had 14 spots for this but the word got out that it was another mexican supper and a few chairs were nicked in advance. It's much more of a beer that wine affair but...

you're welcome to drink what you please. May I also talk about my new favourite poster, oh Robin the things you do! I think once I look anyway similar to a Lucidor I'm happy.