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3Square at Roasted Brown by Kevin

3sqlogobigWell some of you may know and as I found out tonight mny of you don't know. But last Monday Robin and I began our new idea of 3Square in Roasted Brown in Dublin's beautiful Filmbase. The idea is to split a café in two, one team dedicated to making the best food from local and seasonal food while the other team focus entirely on coffee. Shots weighed, timed and carefully looked after. All the while trying to presuade the customer to try a filter. Now that they have the four and a half minutes to spare hopefully the customer will too. As with all our food we've gone to the amazing traders of Temple Bar Food Market. Each Saturday we stock the fridges of Roasted Brown with the best bits we can find in the market. Each day we come up with the next day's menu. For the first month it's going to go a little something like this:


Each day will be new, new recipes, new dishes, new sandwiches, new salads, the works. It will continue like this for the first 30 days. As of tomorrow morning we are on to day 10. So 20 more days to go, there's time to get in and try out our ideas. After the 30, we'll have a definative list of everything we can serve up.

So that's it, it's plain and simple, the food is tasty, fresh and super seasonal.


People seem to not know where we are. This is somewhat of an issue for a café. So here it is. We are one Curved St. In Temple Bar. You get to the Button Factory. Across from the Button Factory there is a building called Filmbase. You enter Filmbase. You go up a flight of stairs. You arrive at one of the most beautiful spaces to drink coffee in Dublin. You order coffee. You order food. We have the chats. You sit. We feed and water you. It all works well. Come up and tell me what you think.

Here's a link to help too. CLICKY

Ok. That's it. We hope to see you soon!