KOMBU OJISAN | 3FE | MONDAY 6:30 by Kevin

Our event with the 'Kombu Ojisan' is a go! We are holding the talk in 3FE on Lwr Grand Canal St and we'll be on at 6:30

If you'd like to share the event it would be totally appreciated!


The price for the talk is 12€ this is to cover some of the expenses that Kiyomitsu Kitajo has incurred through an awful mess that his got him here!




MONTHLY MENU | AUGUST | 28-29-30 by Kevin

AUGUSTMENU Here it is! August's menu in it not very detailed glory! Here's some details fro you.

Bramble coctail is gin based with blackberries and rosehips, we'll stick it in a jam jar and it'll feel all hipster.

Our buffalo halloumi is coing in from Toonsbridge and we'll be serving it with beans and peas and a wonderful citrus dressing.

The strawberry salad will hopefully be served with some late season fresh sheeps milk cheese from Corleggy Cheeses.

We'll also have a course to celebrate the wonders of the courgette!

We've got fish fingers going on, the plan at the moment is to get some different types of fish and present them with some chips, pickles and sauces.

Robin has been working away with our wildflower set custard and it's going to be magical

Robin has also got the greatest courgette cake recipe ever, so we're pretty sorted on desserts.

The Thursday Supper will be back up in Belfast in the wonderful Established and the Friday and Saturday will be back in Dublin here at NOTCHQ.



menubelfastWe're off up to Belfast early Saturday morning, while Gruel Guerilla does a sexy-meaty brunch in Established we'll be working away with a variation of our tomato menu that we will hold that evening in the cafe. It'll be a little bit special, a little bit stressful and a whole lot of fun. I'm not even sure if we have enough plates to pull this thing off! The first time NOTC has been on the road for a while and it's going to be great. If you're interested in coming along, pop ourselves a mail [] or stick your head into the wonderful people in Established and have them put your name down. Spaces are limited. We can sort out with veggies and those of the food intolerant stances. See ya there! Also keep an eye out on what Gruel Guerilla will be whipping up for brunch.

TOMATO by Kevin

I'll set the scene, early last Saturday morning hours before our Manatsu pop up we were standing at tom_usJenny's stall as she unpacked (which is a major rule breaker, there has been threats of beatings for doing such a thing),we where talking about things we really needed for the pop up, namely stripped marrows. We wondered if Dennis Healy would have some. The final few boxes were being unpacked and low and behold in front of our eyes there sat a box, a wonderful box of stripped marrows. It was perfect, it's rarely as perfect, but then Jenny lifted the box away and hidden beneath our miracle marrows lay aurora tomatoes, the first we had seen since last October. The sizes all different, plump and shiny. We hugged, we told Jenny of our love for her and offered hugs....they were rejected, we hugged again. I ran around and we then bought a bag of them. Junko came over to the kitchen to begin prep for Manatsu and I offered her one, she made that noise Japanese people make when they're amazed. It was cool. Here are two tomato facts!

  1. Tomatoes are healthier for you when cooked (none of that raw stuff)
  2. Tomatoes and strawberries can be interchangable (see icecream recipe) tom-icecream

So, there you go. We all love tomatoes, we only really eat them seasonally. It becomes a little sad and tomato-less from November to May. We celebrate when we have them and so we have decided to dedicate this weekes menu to the tomato. Each course will have the little gems in it, in some way of another and it'll be fantastic. Here's the breakdown!

1. Summer Tomato Cocktail - I don't know how to explain this so here's the recipe:

1/4 heirloom tomato 30gr honey dew melon 1 strawberry 45ml gin 14ml lemon 7ml simple syrup
Muddle the tomato, melon, and strawberry together in a shaker to a consistent, smooth texture. Then add the gin, lemon, and simple syrup. Shake the ingredients together with ice vigorously, then double strain into a glass.

2. Heirloom tomato plate - this is truly inspired by Jess of Kai who holds a similar passion for tomatoes to ourselves, its plate of tomatoes, different varieties.

3. Courgette salad - with the ribbons of courgette we plan to make a beautifully summer dressing using the tomato juice.

4. Ceviche with gooseberry and fennel - this is an Ecuadorian style ceviche and it'll be supper special!

5. Miso soup with squash - We'll blend the red miso with the super tasty tomato seeds, this has a super umami style affect on the tomatoes

6. Summer fruit icecream with wood sorrel lemonade -  Tomato is a fruit, aww yeah. This is a gelati style dessert, we'll also be serving it with basil gelati and some buffalo ricotta gelati from Toonsbridge. The wood sorrel lemonade is an interesting drink that I'm fairly excited about!

7. Raw milk cheese board -  why not have some of our delicous tomato jam and tomato chutney with your cheeses, we'll be featuring corleggy and young buck on the boards with some tasty crackers.

There you have it and while we are at it, here's a our tomato jam recipe:

2kg tomatoeschopped fresh basiltom-cheese 1 red onion chopped125gr brown sugar 325gr caster sugar 1 teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon coriander ¼ teaspoon cumin tablespoon cider vinegar tablespoon apple balsamic vinegar
Clean tomatoes, removing any stems. Cut an X in each tomato end with a sharp knife.
Prepare an ice water bath.
Bring water to a boil. Keep the heat on full and drop the tomatoes in. When the skin starts to peel, remove them to the ice bath. Empty the water and clean the pot.
Work over a baking trap and peel the skins off the tomatoes. Then squeeze the stem end to pop out the stem. Roughly chop the tomatoes and place them back into the dry pot.
Add all of the other ingredients to the chopped tomatoes. Bring to a boil then reduce heat to a simmer. Cook the mixture for about two to three hours or until it reduces to a thick jam. Make sure you don’t let it burn. The cooking time depends on the amount of liquid in the variety of tomatoes you use so the timing is not an exact science however the finished product will be about 1kg.
Store in glass jars in the fridge for two weeks.


Also this week our final supper on the Saturday is happening in Establshed in Belfast a very beautiful cafe with very wonderful people. We are legging it up on the Saturday morning and we'll be knocking out some magical brunch for the afternoon and then we're down to business for the night, there'll be 16 spots up for grab with more details to follow later to day! Exciting times to be had!

Well you've read down this far so I'll give you one last recipe for the road. Here's out tomato gelato recipe


1kg of heirloom tomatoes - chopped 250ml of simple syrup a pinch of course sea salt
Puree tomatoes in processor until smooth. Strain through fine sieve, pressing on solids to release enough tomato puree to measure 500ml. Add chilled simple syrup and pinch of coarse sea salt to strained tomato puree; stir to blend.
Transfer tomato mixture to ice cream maker and process according to manufacturer's instructions, or stick in freezer, whip up every 30min of so till gelati is formed, cover and keep frozen.




MONTHLY MENU | JULY | 17-18-19 by Kevin

JULY-menuHere we are! July's menu, we've had to host the suppers a bit earlier this month as we're rather busy at the end! Blame them ladies from Hunt & Gather on it. They're working the Gruel Guerilla to the bone. So as you can see we're all summer-y and fresh, we've got the best Temple Bar MArket has to offer and we're excited for you to come and try it. It's the usual deal, arrive at 8, eat at 8:30, chat till 11:30 and then hit the road! Spaces are limited so get in quick, look forward to see you!


brunchmanSo, we are running our first big collaboration of the summer! Our Gruel Guerilla arm has teamed up with the super talented Junko Hamililton of Ichiju Sansai, Dee and Sinead of Hunt & Gather and Orlaith of Making Space bring you a very special pop up restaurant in the atrium of Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. On July 5th and 6th, we'll open our doors to 100 diners who will be presented with a 13 course contemporary Japanese meal created using Irish ingredients. From wonderful Goatbridge trout cured in a classic Kyoto style recipe, to slow cooked pork belly from Ed Hick. The night is poised to make you embrace summer in all it's glory.

There will be different drink pairings with most courses and some amazing teas to taste too. Along with out evening festivities we also be running a pop up brunch in the afternoon of both days. Tickets are €70 for the meal and included performances, food and drink for the evening.

We look forward to welcoming you!

To get tickets go here: CLICK



Monthly menus! by Kevin

So we've had a plan! Our Wednesdays are changing, with all the new bits we're up to with Gruel Guerilla et al. we have had to move our Wednesdays. They're moving a lot: from June onwards we'll have three dinners around the end of the month (the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday). This way we'll have more time to pickle, ferment and play around with all the amazing produce we are getting our hands on. We will  be changing the number of courses from the current 3 to somewhere between 7-9. It'll be a change, but a good one. I'll finally go back to posting recipes and ideas that we have, and as the month goes along you can track what will happen in the next meal and find the recipes and ideas from the previous meal. The spaces for the three nights will be limited to 12 people each night. The menu we put up at the start of the month might change a little depending on what exactly we can get our hands on by the time the meal rolls around, it's a little different but a little more exciting.

So, yes. Woo. Changes! In Summary:

Suppers happen: the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday of a month (if a Saturday happens to fall into the next month that'll be ok too)

The supper itself will be somewhere between 7 and 9 courses long and will showcase amazing Irish produce as they always have.

We will and still accommodate dietary requirement, we like the veggies and tolerate the intolerances.

It's still going to be BYO and now you might just be in for some homebrew treats too.

The suggested donation will be €35 for the night and we'll kick off at 8pm. We'll aim to finish somewhere between 11 and 11:30

To book a spot email:


IMG_20140426_165633 It's been since I wrote out a menu! So here it is. We got a roof salad for a starter! Robin has grown some super tasty borage and our buckler sorrel has returned with a vengence! We made some nettle syrup and have Jess from Kai's blackberry vinegar to make an awesome dressing, finish it off with some of Toonsbridge finest mozzarella and we got a heck of a starter!

Then on to some super twice cooked pork belly with some of Corleggy Cheeses raw sheep halloumi paired with pickled rhubarb and roast fennel from the McNally's!

Finishing it all off with some zabaglione. There'll be chat and craic and all that! See ya here!

Supper April 2nd! by Kevin

20140402Hello! This will be our first menu for April. It's one of three secret suppers for April (we'll be away for two weeks). April is Hungry Gap time so we're dipping into our stores a bit and combining it with plentiful fresh greens. Same as usual: book in by emailing us. Then come and enjoy!