MONTHLY MENU | JULY | 17-18-19 by Kevin

JULY-menuHere we are! July's menu, we've had to host the suppers a bit earlier this month as we're rather busy at the end! Blame them ladies from Hunt & Gather on it. They're working the Gruel Guerilla to the bone. So as you can see we're all summer-y and fresh, we've got the best Temple Bar MArket has to offer and we're excited for you to come and try it. It's the usual deal, arrive at 8, eat at 8:30, chat till 11:30 and then hit the road! Spaces are limited so get in quick, look forward to see you!


2013corleggyposter It's back again! This year's Corleggy Summer Cheese School, a one day course that involves making your very own kilo of cheese, drinking your fill of wonderful wine and eating lots of wonderful local food. There's also lots of cheese, pretty much as much as you can handle.

Silke will talk you through making a dutch style cheese from start to finish. It's an amazing day, I'll be in the kitchen cooking for most of it, but while we take a break from cheese making you can come and eat your fill for lunch!

The cost is €150/person or €250 for 2! So get in! Please are limited and email Tom:

See you there!

The second 'andPOPUP' at TAMPandSTITCH by gruelguerilla

It's on it's way again, the last Thursday of the month. That day you know you need to do something after work. That day that haunts you if you just go home. That day when the andPOPUP happens. This time you want a burger, you want to wash it down with beers from this island and then you know you'll have conquered the last Thursday on a month.

So as not to leave you too long without a menu to look forward to, I present you with BURGERSandBUBBLES.

It's the same deal as last time, arrive, pay, receive burger and beers. Simple.

Same location and same time. Hopefully this time we'll last longer than 45minutes before we start turning hungry people away.

Again everything is locally sourced and for one night only.

We will annouce closer to the night what drinks you shall be ingesting, until then. Get excited tell your friends, they're hungry, they'll like you more for telling them. Make new friends and tell them. Bring that person you've want to bring to some something. We'll pretend you are someone awesome* and everyone will be happy.

*Obviously you are terribly awesome if you coming in the first place, but still. We shall state it publicly.

Join the facebook event so we can prepare for your arrival.

I've written too much shit now, time to sign off. See you Thursday.

A Secret Supper *Cheese Special* by Kevin

So here it is! Our little supper in appreciation of our great artisan cheese culture. We'll be holding the supper here NOTC HQ. So we have limited space but not limited cheese.

So it's all the usual Friday requirements except there's no corkage. So bring plenty of wine to wash down the cheese. Also bring a friend. We have 8 spaces up for grabs actually make that 5 spaces.

Hope to see you here!

Corleggy Summer Cheese School September 16th by Kevin

So normally I help out with the cheese making at Silke's one day courses. But this year I have the pleasure of making all the lovely food! Silke holds these courses very rarely and this is likely to be one of the last! There are still space available and it's a truly wonderful day! The cost for the day is €150 for one person or €250 for two. It's great and wonderful and all them things.

Contact Tom if you'd like to come along! or click the image to go to the facebook event page. As always this poster was made by the one and only D!

There will be a few other treats going around and a bit of breakfast before we kick off! Hope to see you there!