The second 'andPOPUP' at TAMPandSTITCH / by gruelguerilla

It's on it's way again, the last Thursday of the month. That day you know you need to do something after work. That day that haunts you if you just go home. That day when the andPOPUP happens. This time you want a burger, you want to wash it down with beers from this island and then you know you'll have conquered the last Thursday on a month.

So as not to leave you too long without a menu to look forward to, I present you with BURGERSandBUBBLES.

It's the same deal as last time, arrive, pay, receive burger and beers. Simple.

Same location and same time. Hopefully this time we'll last longer than 45minutes before we start turning hungry people away.

Again everything is locally sourced and for one night only.

We will annouce closer to the night what drinks you shall be ingesting, until then. Get excited tell your friends, they're hungry, they'll like you more for telling them. Make new friends and tell them. Bring that person you've want to bring to some something. We'll pretend you are someone awesome* and everyone will be happy.

*Obviously you are terribly awesome if you coming in the first place, but still. We shall state it publicly.

Join the facebook event so we can prepare for your arrival.

I've written too much shit now, time to sign off. See you Thursday.