The third ‘andPOPUP’ at TAMPandSTITCH by gruelguerilla

It returns, what you have been waiting for since the last one! A 'andPOPUP' for the ages.


We're going with a super seasonal drink this month, instead of a beer you shall be enjoying a cocktail, an Irish cocktail. We'll be infusing early season tart gooseberries in some magnificent Irish Gin.

The food shall be 'meatballs in spicy sauce with wilted greens and a little flat bread to mop it all up'

Have a peak here to get yourself going.

It's our usual fare, food and drinks, €12 blips, 6pm till there's nothing left.


p.s meatBALLS+COCKtails ......bahahahahahaha


Well feck that. A new record some might say? 100 people, less than hour. A few stragglers and very warm chef.

People took to the streets....quietly, politely and cleaned up after themselves.

The G.B.B.Q sauce was a success, demands for the recipe shall be answered! Once there's fantastic diagrams to go with it, you'll have it.

I catered to the vegetarian masses! One fifth of the night was for them! BUT the vegetarians were not to be seen. TISK TISK veggies! Not enough iron to stay up late? Eh? Now I'll have to handle these magnificent mushroom burgers! Which the recipe has also been requested, so expect it too!

Our next event will go live next week! Get excited for:


JUNE 27th! 6pm till the stuff runs out!

I'll give you veggies one last chance! There'll be VEGGIEBALLS!

But for now I'm off to clean.

The second 'andPOPUP' at TAMPandSTITCH by gruelguerilla

It's on it's way again, the last Thursday of the month. That day you know you need to do something after work. That day that haunts you if you just go home. That day when the andPOPUP happens. This time you want a burger, you want to wash it down with beers from this island and then you know you'll have conquered the last Thursday on a month.

So as not to leave you too long without a menu to look forward to, I present you with BURGERSandBUBBLES.

It's the same deal as last time, arrive, pay, receive burger and beers. Simple.

Same location and same time. Hopefully this time we'll last longer than 45minutes before we start turning hungry people away.

Again everything is locally sourced and for one night only.

We will annouce closer to the night what drinks you shall be ingesting, until then. Get excited tell your friends, they're hungry, they'll like you more for telling them. Make new friends and tell them. Bring that person you've want to bring to some something. We'll pretend you are someone awesome* and everyone will be happy.

*Obviously you are terribly awesome if you coming in the first place, but still. We shall state it publicly.

Join the facebook event so we can prepare for your arrival.

I've written too much shit now, time to sign off. See you Thursday.

EXHIBITION! 'Biosphere 1' at Tamp and Stitch by Robin


For those of you who don't know, Robin is the other half of News of the Curd. She is our designer of all things pretty and for the first time she will be have an exhibition of some of her painted works! This will be happening this Thursday May 2nd at Tamp and Stitch on Scarlett Row. This is what she has to say about the exhibition:

The Biosphere is, in a word: earth. It is made up of all the ecosystems which vary dramatically but all work together as a system. The creatures we co-habit the biosphere are essential parts of that system. In these paintings I thought about the diversity of life, and how some inadvertently provide us with essential services, for free.


This exhibition is also suitable for people who like animals wearing hats, cacti and penguins with silly hair.


So there you have it, pop along Gruel Guerilla will be supplying some tasty snack for the evening and there's wine and beer....and penguins...with silly hair. It's pretty much the best thing you can do on a Thursday night! All the pieces will be available for purchase throughout May and can be collected on the 1st Thursday in June.




Well shit, that was fast. Doors opened at six by six thirty we had to stop taking orders by seven we had no food left, a little beer but sure that's ok. Now we are home, all over all done.

So what is next [gg] I here you asking me! Well let me damn well tell you:


MAY 30TH AT TAMPandSTITCH, this time we'll bring enough to feed 100 of you hungry feckers so there will be no complaining! Once again our doors shall open at 6.

We'll post during week all the tasty details!

Also thanks to Zak for this video:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49QrtCF7RMM&w=420&h=315]

Burritos shall return someday!

The first 'andPOPUP' at TAMPandSTITCH by gruelguerilla

We are taking over the reigns from News of the Curd

to host a special food event in Tamp & Stitch on the last Thursday of each month!

We now proudly announce these as the 'andPOPUP'

Each month we will pair two great things for an evening of merriment and feeding. Everything that goes into this night will come Ireland!

Without further ado we present you with BURRITOSandBREWS

We have got in cahoots with the guys from 8 Degrees Brewing to bring you a spicy night to loud music, mexican food and the greatest of Irish Brewing.

Turn up anytime after 6pm and get your hands on one of our very special one night only burritos, stuffed with all Irish ingredients. Drink some beers and have a great start to your Thursday night, we'll keep going till the food runs out!

You can help us keep track of our numbers here