The first 'andPOPUP' at TAMPandSTITCH / by gruelguerilla

We are taking over the reigns from News of the Curd

to host a special food event in Tamp & Stitch on the last Thursday of each month!

We now proudly announce these as the 'andPOPUP'

Each month we will pair two great things for an evening of merriment and feeding. Everything that goes into this night will come Ireland!

Without further ado we present you with BURRITOSandBREWS

We have got in cahoots with the guys from 8 Degrees Brewing to bring you a spicy night to loud music, mexican food and the greatest of Irish Brewing.

Turn up anytime after 6pm and get your hands on one of our very special one night only burritos, stuffed with all Irish ingredients. Drink some beers and have a great start to your Thursday night, we'll keep going till the food runs out!

You can help us keep track of our numbers here