BRUNCH 2 The Pancaking. / by gruelguerilla

There ya go. Over and done for another week!

Sure jaysus we killed it today! Here's a pic from the magical Connor ClarkeA PICTURE

*Lesson for next week, more bacon (why this wasn't already a lesson learned, I don't know)

More eggs! More special specials.  I can confirm right now that The Buttermilk Pancakes shall return.

I've had Talking Heads stuck in my head all day so this is for you, just you.


{rb} is definitely our place for brunch, we were so delighted this morning to buy so much stuff from the McNally Family Farm, their buttermilk is the greatest, THE GREATEST. The pancakes were dead on with it.

We get to keep supporting the market and it's just great, even seeing a few traders up for visit and a good brew!

Next Saturday we are feeling:



With the not so optional optional bacon, as we found out today! A little honey and alot of toasted almonds.

See you there, 12-4 (a terribly tasty 4hours) but just incase, get in early, drink coffee receive bacon.

Job done, see you there babeh.