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BRUNCH SPESH | {RB} | JULY 20TH by gruelguerilla

Another fine week, another week to sit outside on Curved St. We'll get offering you some fruit salad again and most inportantly this week's special will be:

Rosemary grilled Watermelon steak topped w/

crumbled St.Tola Goats Cheese + sweet Cucumber*

*optional crispy bacon....pfft optional

Yeah, you're confused but intrigued I get that, but appear try and you can come hug me after.


See you there, 11-4. curved street. home of roasted brown and your future happiness.


We've been away, now we are back.

You didn't write, you didn't call. What's that about?

Well we forgive you, we return to the sweet halls of Roasted Brown in Filmbase this Saturday 18th of May. With our classic brunch menu.

Our Very Special Special this Saturday will be the wonderful Mushrooms on Rye with eggs. Bang on some bacon if ya feel it. It'll be tremendous, you'll leave your better half and run  away with us.

We'll be knocking them out from 12 onwards, get in a huff at 4 and go home. When the special is gone, it is gone. Actually come to think of it, when anything is gone, it is gone.

So here's the skinny:






BRUNCH III {a modern introspective on eggs in popular culture} by gruelguerilla

Well it happened again, it was a smashing success with everybody fed and watered.

The sun shined and the bread toasted. Sadly my special wasn't deemed special by the majority of our customers. All I can say is damn them, damn them. It was brioche french toast for godsakes. FOOLS.

Well anyway, now that I have that out of my system. I'd like to let you know that next Saturday's Brunch Special shall be:


It shall be served with toast and it will be wonderful, it's exceptionally special. SPECIAL DAMN IT!

Well that's the ticket I must say, I may still be a wee bit on the tipsy side from our BURRITOSandBREWS night in Tamp & Stitch. But tipsy is best way to make brunch. Perhaps a donation box for a beer license?


Damn, I am a genius. Well let me end on that point.

See you Saturday, buy the damn special. It's special.

BRUNCH 2 The Pancaking. by gruelguerilla

There ya go. Over and done for another week!

Sure jaysus we killed it today! Here's a pic from the magical Connor ClarkeA PICTURE

*Lesson for next week, more bacon (why this wasn't already a lesson learned, I don't know)

More eggs! More special specials.  I can confirm right now that The Buttermilk Pancakes shall return.

I've had Talking Heads stuck in my head all day so this is for you, just you.


{rb} is definitely our place for brunch, we were so delighted this morning to buy so much stuff from the McNally Family Farm, their buttermilk is the greatest, THE GREATEST. The pancakes were dead on with it.

We get to keep supporting the market and it's just great, even seeing a few traders up for visit and a good brew!

Next Saturday we are feeling:



With the not so optional optional bacon, as we found out today! A little honey and alot of toasted almonds.

See you there, 12-4 (a terribly tasty 4hours) but just incase, get in early, drink coffee receive bacon.

Job done, see you there babeh.


Well it was a minor success, it was great for everyone involved

and everyone got their eggs. We chatted with most people and we'll keep working on it! We're already looking forward to this Saturday's Brunch with a magnificent special coming!

You shall come expecting buttermilk pancakes with fruit and orchard syrup and you shall receive! The buttermilk is made from the production of the McNally Family Farm's butter and it is amazing. You'll have the option of topping it off with some bacon if savory is what you're looking for.

We'll have the regular trio on this weekend too. Meat eggs, Veg eggs & the special coffee friendly {rb} granola!The granola just so you know is now available all week long in Roasted Brown. We make it with lashings of cardamon so it's bang on with {rb}'s amazing brewed coffees! Go try! You must!

Well I'm sure we'll pop back on with some bits during the week! Keep an eye out for some new tasty goods floating around cafés this week.