THE FIRST BRUNCH HAPPENED! / by gruelguerilla

Well it was a minor success, it was great for everyone involved

and everyone got their eggs. We chatted with most people and we'll keep working on it! We're already looking forward to this Saturday's Brunch with a magnificent special coming!

You shall come expecting buttermilk pancakes with fruit and orchard syrup and you shall receive! The buttermilk is made from the production of the McNally Family Farm's butter and it is amazing. You'll have the option of topping it off with some bacon if savory is what you're looking for.

We'll have the regular trio on this weekend too. Meat eggs, Veg eggs & the special coffee friendly {rb} granola!The granola just so you know is now available all week long in Roasted Brown. We make it with lashings of cardamon so it's bang on with {rb}'s amazing brewed coffees! Go try! You must!

Well I'm sure we'll pop back on with some bits during the week! Keep an eye out for some new tasty goods floating around cafés this week.