うどんスペシャル | Udon Special | Friday February 15th by Kevin

supper150212 Here it is! Our very anticipated third Japanese Supper! We are going to be making homemade noodles for this, so it'll be extra tasty. We are really excited to have Ballyhoura Mushrooms to make this with too. The spots are going pretty quickly..

so get in soon! all the usual ways of contacting are excepted! See ya here!


Suppers Return! Friday Janurary 11th by Kevin

110113friday We're back with our first supper of the year! We have room for 8 more people! There's also am secret veggie option for the starter if you let me know beforehand! I'm really glad to be back at it! Finally a reason to clean the house! :D Also may I just say look at this poster...I love it. I'm a big fan of the lemon, way to go Robin! It's the usual deal, BYOW, arrive between 8:30 and 9. We'll be serving just after 9 so don't be late! I look forward to seeing you! This supper is a little inspired by a few of my favourite recent cookbooks with a little twist. The winter stew is from the magnificent ArdBia Cookbook, we felt we had to make our version after we came across IRISH Jerusalem artichokes at the market on Saturday along with The McNally's wonderful Cavolo Nero. It will all be tasty and what not!

A Secret Supper *Cheese Special* by Kevin

So here it is! Our little supper in appreciation of our great artisan cheese culture. We'll be holding the supper here NOTC HQ. So we have limited space but not limited cheese.

So it's all the usual Friday requirements except there's no corkage. So bring plenty of wine to wash down the cheese. Also bring a friend. We have 8 spaces up for grabs actually make that 5 spaces.

Hope to see you here!