Miso making in the house! by Kevin Powell

We're really lucky to have the amazing Junko Hamilton back in Ireland for a few week this March. We just got informed yesterday that Junko has a free day on Wednesday the 25th for a very limited number of people to come over and make some miso with Junko in the apartment here in Temple Bar. We've worked with Junko on a few projects and events and she is easily one of the most knowledgable people in Ireland on Japanese food. We're delighted to have here about for a little while longer and she'll be sorely missed when she returns to Kyoto in a few weeks!

Arrival is 5pm, you can either hold a space with ourselves by emailing: or through Junko if you have any questions on the finer points of the evening by emailing her:


Here's what you need to do! Come along with 60€, an apron, a small towel and a glass/ceramic/enamel jar over 3 litres (preferably widemouthed) and we'll even knock together a light meal for after the workshop.



IMG_20140426_165633 It's been since I wrote out a menu! So here it is. We got a roof salad for a starter! Robin has grown some super tasty borage and our buckler sorrel has returned with a vengence! We made some nettle syrup and have Jess from Kai's blackberry vinegar to make an awesome dressing, finish it off with some of Toonsbridge finest mozzarella and we got a heck of a starter!

Then on to some super twice cooked pork belly with some of Corleggy Cheeses raw sheep halloumi paired with pickled rhubarb and roast fennel from the McNally's!

Finishing it all off with some zabaglione. There'll be chat and craic and all that! See ya here!

3Square turns 30 by Kevin

So our first 30 days of 3Square at Roasted Brown are up and we are very happy to let everyone know that we are staying on! It's been an interesting few weeks. On Tuesday will be the 30th day of our little project and we will be introducing our complete menu for November. Without further ado let me show you the menus!  novembermorningnovembernoon It's simple and seasonal. Everything is still sourced from our wonderful Temple Bar Food Market. Each week the soup and one pot will change and each new month we'll update the sandwiches!

So that's the deal. Hope over to twitter and give 3Square at follow

A Secret Supper *Cheese Special* by Kevin

So here it is! Our little supper in appreciation of our great artisan cheese culture. We'll be holding the supper here NOTC HQ. So we have limited space but not limited cheese.

So it's all the usual Friday requirements except there's no corkage. So bring plenty of wine to wash down the cheese. Also bring a friend. We have 8 spaces up for grabs actually make that 5 spaces.

Hope to see you here!