Mexican Inspired Secret Supper at Cha! by Kevin


WHAT A POSTER, I AM A LUCIDOR! This has to be my favourite poster yet and also one of the suppers I'm most excited to make! There's four spots gone already but plenty spaces left. We are sticking with the seasonal stuff here! Pheasent! Poached in milk, it'll be super tender with wonderful homemade mole sauce! But anyway! FOOD, COME EAT IT!


A Secret Supper *Cheese Special* by Kevin

So here it is! Our little supper in appreciation of our great artisan cheese culture. We'll be holding the supper here NOTC HQ. So we have limited space but not limited cheese.

So it's all the usual Friday requirements except there's no corkage. So bring plenty of wine to wash down the cheese. Also bring a friend. We have 8 spaces up for grabs actually make that 5 spaces.

Hope to see you here!

The Return of The Secret Suppers at Cha! by Kevin

We are back! After our 1 week break we return to Joy of Cha with a Korean Style menu to share with your friends or enemies you treat nicely.

This week we'll be slow cooking large pieces of pork shoulder that will be placed in front of you and 3 other people to pull apart and stuff inside of lettuce leaves with all manner of wonder condiments. I feel that October will be some what of a porky month and I feel that this supper is a bit more of a beer supper that wine. But that's up to you to decide.


The secret suppers continue! by Kevin

It's happening again!

This week I've tried to focus on the best fruit & veg (in my opinion) from Temple Bar Food Market! Hopefully the only things I'll need to go to the shop for will be polenta and flour! It's the usual, €25 for 3 courses, BYOW with a €5 corkage or have a chat to us about other options. Hope to see you there!