Tamp & Stitch Thursday Suppers March 28th by Kevin

tampnight2 Here we go again! An Izakaya at Tamp & Stitch. Here's the plan!

We have 1 table with 12 seats! On this table there is a set menu with 6 courses and a few other things! Upon entry you get a wonderful Japanese Beer and some bar snacks! There's also 2 miso soups and few other bits with the supper.

Also! There is a table for 5 and a bar that sit 4! From 7pm till 10pm you can book a seat for an hour! You'll be able to grab beers and some tapas style food from our menu!

Lots of interest in this night so get in early!

Una Cena Secreta! Viernes! Mexican Supper Round 3! Friday 22nd! by Kevin

supper220213 Round 3, this time I take on the bovinae family! It's time. We are going to try out wet burritos there's a smoking sauce I've been working on and with the mustardy goodness of the McNally's Watercress it's set to be a tasty meal! We had 14 spots for this but the word got out that it was another mexican supper and a few chairs were nicked in advance. It's much more of a beer that wine affair but...

you're welcome to drink what you please. May I also talk about my new favourite poster, oh Robin the things you do! I think once I look anyway similar to a Lucidor I'm happy.

Mexican Culture Week | Mexican Supper Round 2! by Kevin

Here we go again! A Mexican menu to get your taste buds going. This time I take on a chicken in the fight for food supremacy and once again I am in amazement and awe at what Robin can do. We've a few special courses and the night is set to be great, there's also a veggie option to go along with everything! So come along a few spots are already gone but get in fast and it'll be all good! See you here!

Mexican Inspired Secret Supper at Cha! by Kevin


WHAT A POSTER, I AM A LUCIDOR! This has to be my favourite poster yet and also one of the suppers I'm most excited to make! There's four spots gone already but plenty spaces left. We are sticking with the seasonal stuff here! Pheasent! Poached in milk, it'll be super tender with wonderful homemade mole sauce! But anyway! FOOD, COME EAT IT!


Super Secret Supper during TB Culture Night by Kevin

So we are letting Sergui have his café back for Culture Night! We are going to hold the dinner at a different location! I'm really excited about this menu...

We have gotten our venison from Ed HIck and all our seasonal veg is coming from the McNally's farm. It's going to be an amazing evening. Very tasty and then you can go out and explore all the Temple Bar has to offer you! I might even pop out instead of washing up.

The secret suppers continue! by Kevin

It's happening again!

This week I've tried to focus on the best fruit & veg (in my opinion) from Temple Bar Food Market! Hopefully the only things I'll need to go to the shop for will be polenta and flour! It's the usual, €25 for 3 courses, BYOW with a €5 corkage or have a chat to us about other options. Hope to see you there!