jan222014 We are at it again, our second supper of the year. This week it's a collaboration between myself and Robin! I'm really looking forward to it, we'll hopefully have our own batch of nukazuke up and running and be able to make a very interesting pickle salad. We'll once again be making Robin's amazing homemade soba noodles, this time adding beet puree into the mix! We are lending the idea of matcha salt from our good friend Junko Hamilton who also hosts some amazing suppers in her home. She also teaches Japanese Cookery!

We'll be picking up some amazing veg from Jenny McNally which will leave to some great pickles and some exciting Irish Kimchi! We are toying with the idea of lowering the number of people we have to our events, so there's a possibility there might only be 8 spots available on Wednesdays. We are liking the more relaxed, chatty meals! But we shall see!


For the moment if you are interested in coming along put us an email to:


See ya here!

Japanese Supper Wednesday June 26th {a menu} by Robin

japanesemenu Due to popular demand and curiosity, allow me give you a little preview of some of the amazing food Robin will be serving tomorrow! From the top down we have Sardines from Ireland served with a dipping sauce made with David Llwellyn's sweet cherries, Elderflowers from Nun's Island in Galway, given to use by Jess from Kai Restaurant, Pak Choi from McNally Family Farm, Miso soup with mushrooms from Irish Shiitake, Rice with broadbeans from Healy's Organics Delights (grown on the farm in Ireland) Fennel from McNallys with Irish wakame with a elderflower vinegar dressing, kimpira carrots also from Dennis Healy's farm and Buttermilk from McNallys and Cherries from David to finish it off!


It's true Irish treat with the special twist that Robin brings to News of the Curd! Because of some cancellations we di have a few spots left and would love for as many people as possible to enjoy this! We hope to see you here!

In Defence of Brussels Sprouts | January 16th by Kevin

sprouts They are not just for Christmas! These wonderful little cabbages that have stood the test of time and taste! We celebrate the amazing produce of the McNally Family Farm on Wednesday and show you what these little fellas can do! Come along, you know you must. It will be outstanding! A night of appreciation of the most unpopular of Christmas Day sides! It's the usual fare turn up, eat and enjoy yourself! See ya here!

Supper Happened! 25th July! by Kevin

Another supper! I'm sorry I'm so behind on these but I'm catching up!...I think. Moroccan food is probably one of my favourite foods. This was also my most prepared and professionally hosted suppers. I was really pleased with how it all came out. Great company as usual and lots of fun!

It was cherry season! I bought cherries. I ate far too many cherries. Took the stones from each....I need one of those stone popper things...but I quite enjoy taking the stones out. Cooked them down with some water and sugar and seived the batch. Left it to cool and made sorbet! Next was the mousse! I like mousse...I've noticed the large number of 'like' in this post. But I liked all of this. The mousse is made with a little spiced rum. It's wonderful and tasty. Lastly I baked the buteer biscuits. My favourite recipe for biscuits. This time I added saffron and lemon zest.


I wanted my cous cous to be cold for the supper, so I made it in advance as well. I roasted the squash and mixed in lemon and harissa.

3 hours before my dinner, I made my flatbread dough and left it to rise. Next I moved onto the chicken dish with 1 hour before people arrive. I got this chicken recipe of a wonderful Moroccan-American man by the name of Hassan.I'm very glad to have had the pleasure to have met him and the luck to have received such wonderful recipes from him. If you're ever in New York and happen to be frequenting Dean & Deluca find him and tell him I say hay! The thing I like about Moroccan food is that it is spicy but fresh, citrusy and wonderful all round. It's really a simple dish but has wonderful flavours. I used my own chicken stock to cook it in and it all worked really well.

I turned the oven up to 200°C and rolled out my dough. Flat breads began baking. Last but not least was the clams.....

Sadly I didn't end up with clams for this dinner, we were unlucky and ended up with a Red Tide. I ended up getting my hands on some wonderful mussels. So it was all ok! Panic over. I heated sherry, some water and my dry harissa spice mix. Cooked the mussels for a few minutes about a minute before the mussels were ready to come off the heat I mixed through the samphire. Put some chopped coriander on top. That was it ready to go!

Apologies for the hazy picture. **was organised, forgot to take photos..**

Everything served up. All at once. Bam. We ate, laughed and enjoyed everything.