jan222014 We are at it again, our second supper of the year. This week it's a collaboration between myself and Robin! I'm really looking forward to it, we'll hopefully have our own batch of nukazuke up and running and be able to make a very interesting pickle salad. We'll once again be making Robin's amazing homemade soba noodles, this time adding beet puree into the mix! We are lending the idea of matcha salt from our good friend Junko Hamilton who also hosts some amazing suppers in her home. She also teaches Japanese Cookery!

We'll be picking up some amazing veg from Jenny McNally which will leave to some great pickles and some exciting Irish Kimchi! We are toying with the idea of lowering the number of people we have to our events, so there's a possibility there might only be 8 spots available on Wednesdays. We are liking the more relaxed, chatty meals! But we shall see!


For the moment if you are interested in coming along put us an email to:


See ya here!