Monthly menus! / by Kevin

So we've had a plan! Our Wednesdays are changing, with all the new bits we're up to with Gruel Guerilla et al. we have had to move our Wednesdays. They're moving a lot: from June onwards we'll have three dinners around the end of the month (the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday). This way we'll have more time to pickle, ferment and play around with all the amazing produce we are getting our hands on. We will  be changing the number of courses from the current 3 to somewhere between 7-9. It'll be a change, but a good one. I'll finally go back to posting recipes and ideas that we have, and as the month goes along you can track what will happen in the next meal and find the recipes and ideas from the previous meal. The spaces for the three nights will be limited to 12 people each night. The menu we put up at the start of the month might change a little depending on what exactly we can get our hands on by the time the meal rolls around, it's a little different but a little more exciting.

So, yes. Woo. Changes! In Summary:

Suppers happen: the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday of a month (if a Saturday happens to fall into the next month that'll be ok too)

The supper itself will be somewhere between 7 and 9 courses long and will showcase amazing Irish produce as they always have.

We will and still accommodate dietary requirement, we like the veggies and tolerate the intolerances.

It's still going to be BYO and now you might just be in for some homebrew treats too.

The suggested donation will be €35 for the night and we'll kick off at 8pm. We'll aim to finish somewhere between 11 and 11:30

To book a spot email: