menubelfastWe're off up to Belfast early Saturday morning, while Gruel Guerilla does a sexy-meaty brunch in Established we'll be working away with a variation of our tomato menu that we will hold that evening in the cafe. It'll be a little bit special, a little bit stressful and a whole lot of fun. I'm not even sure if we have enough plates to pull this thing off! The first time NOTC has been on the road for a while and it's going to be great. If you're interested in coming along, pop ourselves a mail [supper@newsofthecurd.com] or stick your head into the wonderful people in Established and have them put your name down. Spaces are limited. We can sort out with veggies and those of the food intolerant stances. See ya there! Also keep an eye out on what Gruel Guerilla will be whipping up for brunch.