The fourth ‘andPOPUP’ at TAMPandSTITCH by gruelguerilla

We are back, our once monthly feeding and watering of the who's who of Dublin social{networking} elite. This month we'll be getting yerr tastebuds all excited for HOTDOGSandHOPS!

Just have a look at here at what you'll miss if you don't turn up! Also everyone will laugh at you and that's just not cool. I didn't even tell them to laugh.

We are hopefully getting a special Double IPA from the magically folks at O'Hara's for the night, 7.5% to knock yerr block off.

It'll be great, it'll be tasty. There'll be hugs and the what not. Check out the auld facebook event and let us know you are in!

We'll be making enough to feed 100 of you hungry feckers. So get in and get fed. I shall also except the 'HOTDOG HONOUR' card from Twisted Pepper, so there you have it.