temple bar

Roasted Brown & Gruel Guerilla UNITE! by gruelguerilla

Well here is the deal!

Every Saturday from April 6th onwards there shall be Brunch. A local happy fun brunch. Everything will come from the fantastic Temple Bar Food Market and we shall enjoy it together.

You will have options! Not many, but some!

Eggs two ways!

{veg eggs} - poached eggs, seasonal blanched greens, crumbled corleggy goats cheese topped with toasted fennel

{meat eggs} - poached eggs, ed hicks smoke cured bacon, hollandaise and toasted almonds

{RB} Granola - toasted oats, seeds, almonds, hazelnuts & cherries, topped with McNally Natural yogurt &  poached fruit


A weekly special! This week is -

Black pudding, pan-fried corleggy halloumi, hummus and toast.