brunchmanSo, we are running our first big collaboration of the summer! Our Gruel Guerilla arm has teamed up with the super talented Junko Hamililton of Ichiju Sansai, Dee and Sinead of Hunt & Gather and Orlaith of Making Space bring you a very special pop up restaurant in the atrium of Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. On July 5th and 6th, we'll open our doors to 100 diners who will be presented with a 13 course contemporary Japanese meal created using Irish ingredients. From wonderful Goatbridge trout cured in a classic Kyoto style recipe, to slow cooked pork belly from Ed Hick. The night is poised to make you embrace summer in all it's glory.

There will be different drink pairings with most courses and some amazing teas to taste too. Along with out evening festivities we also be running a pop up brunch in the afternoon of both days. Tickets are €70 for the meal and included performances, food and drink for the evening.

We look forward to welcoming you!

To get tickets go here: CLICK



MANASTU | 真夏 | JULY 5+6 | TBG+S by gruelguerilla


Manatsu 真夏 is a celebration of summer, using Japanese cooking styles and inspiration we plan on taking the best produce Ireland has to offer and give you a meal like no other. Set in the atrium of Temple Bar Gallery and Studios over two nights you will be able to experience authentic Japanese food with a unique Irish twist. Through the collaboration of Junko Hamilton and Robin Hoshino a menu has developed the explores different regions of Japan through beautiful aspects of Irish ingredients.

The meal will consist of 13 courses consisting of vegetables,meats and fish from some of Ireland's best producers. There will be paired drinks with some courses.

We'll be holding the event in the atrium of Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. We are taking inspiration from the essay "In Praise of Shadows (陰翳礼讃)"

We are super excited for this and we think it will be truly special event with some of the most unusual and wonderful people in Dublin.

Tickets are available to purchase here: CLICK

Check out the sample menu here: CLICK

Have a look at all the wonderful folks we are working with: CLICK

We got a facebook event page too: CLICK

Monthly menus! by Kevin

So we've had a plan! Our Wednesdays are changing, with all the new bits we're up to with Gruel Guerilla et al. we have had to move our Wednesdays. They're moving a lot: from June onwards we'll have three dinners around the end of the month (the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday). This way we'll have more time to pickle, ferment and play around with all the amazing produce we are getting our hands on. We will  be changing the number of courses from the current 3 to somewhere between 7-9. It'll be a change, but a good one. I'll finally go back to posting recipes and ideas that we have, and as the month goes along you can track what will happen in the next meal and find the recipes and ideas from the previous meal. The spaces for the three nights will be limited to 12 people each night. The menu we put up at the start of the month might change a little depending on what exactly we can get our hands on by the time the meal rolls around, it's a little different but a little more exciting.

So, yes. Woo. Changes! In Summary:

Suppers happen: the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday of a month (if a Saturday happens to fall into the next month that'll be ok too)

The supper itself will be somewhere between 7 and 9 courses long and will showcase amazing Irish produce as they always have.

We will and still accommodate dietary requirement, we like the veggies and tolerate the intolerances.

It's still going to be BYO and now you might just be in for some homebrew treats too.

The suggested donation will be €35 for the night and we'll kick off at 8pm. We'll aim to finish somewhere between 11 and 11:30

To book a spot email:

Look a bit closer. by Robin

wildgarlicHello dear readers, it’s been a while since we’ve gotten around to writing a proper post but I felt it was time to pipe up and talk about a case of mistaken identity.Consult any book on wild herbs or foraging in Ireland and you can bet on finding ‘Wild garlic’, also known as ramsons or rather pleasingly: ‘bear’s garlic’ from its Latin name Allium ursinum. This herb has in recent years been embraced as the foodie enthusiast’s first step into foraged foods, guaranteed once a year to turn your instagram feed into a month-long green wall of homemade wild garlic pesto. Wild garlic is not a generic term for anything remotely leek-y picked in the wild. Lately I’ve come across a number of instances where foodies seem to think wild garlic is a term applied loosely to any spring herb with long, singular leaves and white flowers. (This would be why scientific nomenclature is helpful. Here is the RHS guide to how plant names work.) This lack of knowledge, or at least lack of clarification for their less informed followers by a handful of food bloggers has been rather unhelpful; at best it fouls the paddling pool that is the Irish foodie community with confusion and ignorance, at worst it instills people with baseless confidence in identifying which bits of the countryside are edible which, needless to say is a potentially treacherous path to go down.

It’s nice to have authority, it’s nice to have people ask you your opinion. For these reasons some food bloggers, particularly if they have large followings sometimes seem to feel this makes them an expert on their topic. There isn’t necessarily a correlation between popularity and knowledge so it’s necessary to keep a critical eye on anything you read on a blog/instagram/tweet. How reliable is this source of information? Do they have any references to back up their claims? This is a problem I often have with resources on gardening- less telling me about how magical your mulching techniques are, more scientific data please.

Of course I would also appeal to bloggers to consider the responsibility they have to their readership to make sure any facts you share are accurate and verifiable. That’s not to say mistakes are totally unforgivable, just have the good grace to declare you made a mistake and now have more accurate information. Unless you are an expert, don’t act like you are. If someone asks you a question and you’re not 100% sure you know the right answer, either do the research or refer them to someone who would know for sure. It’s ok to be wrong, you might actually learn something, which is surely the point of being an enthusiast in the first place.



IMG_20140426_165633 It's been since I wrote out a menu! So here it is. We got a roof salad for a starter! Robin has grown some super tasty borage and our buckler sorrel has returned with a vengence! We made some nettle syrup and have Jess from Kai's blackberry vinegar to make an awesome dressing, finish it off with some of Toonsbridge finest mozzarella and we got a heck of a starter!

Then on to some super twice cooked pork belly with some of Corleggy Cheeses raw sheep halloumi paired with pickled rhubarb and roast fennel from the McNally's!

Finishing it all off with some zabaglione. There'll be chat and craic and all that! See ya here!

Supper April 2nd! by Kevin

20140402Hello! This will be our first menu for April. It's one of three secret suppers for April (we'll be away for two weeks). April is Hungry Gap time so we're dipping into our stores a bit and combining it with plentiful fresh greens. Same as usual: book in by emailing us. Then come and enjoy!

offset X souvenir present: HOMECOMING by Kevin


Are you coming or going?HOMECOMING an Art trail and homecoming party

Sunday March 16th day & night

This St Patricks bank holiday weekend,

SOUVENIR & OFFSET have teamed up with Hunt & Gather, Gruel Guerilla and a band of wildly creative artists and independent businesses to bring you a two-part celebration of coming home, and going home

A 100 minute art trail across dublin city, featuring posters inspired by the question "are you coming or going?" will be exhibited two by two in a call and response style. Themed culinary treats will be prepared along the way for daring trailers courtesy of GRUEL GUERILLA.

but be quick, pieces will only be available at a special discounted price for 100 minutes!

So we've put together a little care package to get you on your way, we've also decided to let you have a sup of our supa special:




It starts at 4. we feed you later. you'll be happy, you'll remember your mammy.



We'll be hanging out in the lobby of the Twisted Pepper tomorrow morning, to get you your on the way to work pancake. There's also coffee. Damned wonderful coffee.


Coffee is 2blips. Bang on two pancakes for the walk and have the lots for 5.


It'll be wonderful, it'll be magical. Tom will have something special playing in the background, there'll be high fives and pancakes.


It's the only way to start your day tomorrow. Sweet wonderful buttermilk pancakes.


more details here. By more details I mean an image of a poster of words about a pancakes. Other details here too........