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IMG_0044.JPG So bad news guys the Christmas Dinners are sold out! The ladies in H&G have been doing an amazing job letting the world know about everything and I had one job, just one.


It's a classic Christmas-Irish-Japanese-America-afternoon idea that we are all used to at Christmas.

It's happening Sunday December 7th. It's a pretty magical day to be honest. It kicks off at 2pm and costing ya 40blips. Bring your own bottle...s

Here's the menu:

A welcome Teelings Cocktail * Oysters in cranberry and clove vinegar served with a cranberry bloody Molly (Served in a iced jug with Teelings Whiskey, fennel and cranberries) * Venison tartar, cured egg yolk, burdock and smoked mussel mayo served on Eggnog baked French Toast with candied bacon OR Beet tartar, cured egg, smoked salt, chervil and creme fraiche served on Eggnog baked French Toast with mushrooms and honey * Then warm winter crumble, warm custard, oats and plenty of black fruits * Hearty Cheese Board

Yeah, I know. You don't know what to think, you may slightly be curious about some bits, but don't worry darling I'm here for you.

Let us begin at the start, we'll be getting Oysters from Martys Mussels, freshly shooking them that morning and bunging you out big platters, dress them as you see fit! The cranberry and clove vinegar is perhaps the best thing since sliced bread.

The venison on French toast with mayo, yeah that's a doozie. It came to me in a dream, told me to make it, I made it and now it belongs to you. It's the perfect combination of everything, ever. Crispy French toast topped with a savoury blend of chocolate and venison. It's all so right. We'll then top it with slivers of a miso cured egg yolk, for six days and six nights the yolk shall sleep in the magical surrounds of our own homemade miso.

We'll warm you up with some pipping hot custard and crumble and then relax over some very large cheese boards.

All in all its the best Sunday morning we can have together. Laughter, friends,booze and egg yolks.

The spaces are limited and going fast, so get over to H&G and book that shit now.


See ya there, Love GG



We love to share, to sit around a big table and dig into what is in front of us. We love to talk and laugh, all while in the company of others. So when the wonderful ladies of Hunt & Gather came to ourselves with the idea of a sharing banquet celebrating summer and spring we had to jump at it, so we made a menu, a menu to share.

The idea on the night is the food just keeps rolling out, not exactly courses but things come in time, you don't have to worry about finishing what's in front of you just take your time and see what comes next, so here's the plan from start to finish.

When you plop yourself down be ready to expect a bit plater of dips and salads with some beautiful fresh flatbreads on the side, then comes some barbecued corn on the cob with wonderfully mustardy nasturtium butter. Then the centre piece every group will get a whole pork shoulder slow cooked for 12hours to pull around, you can mop it all up with some honey cornbread and top it with a selection of slaws. Finally after digging into all that for a while we'll nick you plates. First dessert out is a little refreshing pitcher of iced tea and some big bowls of red fruit salad, then comes out special treat, bottle of bubbly elderflower lemonade with lavender icecream, I personally recommend making floats but it's up to yourself.

So that's the food, I hear there'll be a few tunes and a birra dancing. Hunt & Gather will have it looking splendid as always and everyone should be stuffed and ready for a summery stroll home.

So on the theme of sharing we thought we'd share some recipes with ya:

Nasturtium butter:

250g unsalted butter 10 nasturtium petals 1 tsp salt Grease proof paper
In a stand mixer blend flowers,butter and salt.
Place on grease proof and roll into a sausage, chill for a few hours and then use.nasturtium

Slow cooked pork shoulder: (This is actually a quicker recipe than the one we are using on the night.)

2kg pork shoulder, bone in, skin on 20gr salt 20gr sugar 20gr smoked paprika
Let the pork come to room temputure, preheat over to 240°. mix all dry ingredients together. Rub half the mixture all over the pork and place in a dish, pop it in the oven for 40min then take it out, knock the oven to 125° and wrap pork up in foil, back in for 6 to 7 hours. Once it's done take it out and leave it for 30min then unwrap and take skin off, bone out and pull it apart with some forks, sprinkle the remaining salt/sugar/paprika mix and let it soak up all the liquid, leave it for a while, or not and lay into it.

So that's all my sharing for tonight, we hope to see you there!

Tickets are available HERE

And some more details HERE