The Future of News of the Curd / by Kevin

_MG_0559 So things are a bit different then they where only 1 year ago. In 2 days we'll celebrate a year worth of supper clubs,

we have hosted about 75 meals in the apartment and between bigger events and other such things we've fed about 1,500 people. 1,500 people have tasted food that has come straight from Irish producers, we've been lucky enough to meet these people and learn so much from them. So from today we retrun to how it was this time last year. Our 2 days a week will now go back to 1. Once a week we will host a meal for 14 people that showcases rthe best season offering from Temple Bar Food Market.

Robin will be coming onboard much more and for the month of August all of NOTC will be in her very capiable hands. I will be working in Café Paraidiso for a month. While I'm down in Cork we will hold a Pop-Up meal, there's more information to come on that! Menus for August and July are nearly finalised so start getting booking as we won't have as much wiggle room anymore.

Our little experiement in footfall has taken off big time recently, the Gruel Guerilla is now a beast all by itself and is set to appear in more of your favourite locations around the city, add him on twitter @GruelGuerilla. I'm very pleased to announce that we will be joining the Twisted Pepper in the Rum Bar with some bad ass Hot Dogs from this Friday. It'll run from Thursday to Sunday each week for the forseeable future.

There is a whole cache of NOTC blog posts to come your way once I get the finger out and get in to it! Some new information of people we will be working with this year and some of the things that they have thought us.

But for now I shall depart, thanks for reading, thanks for supporting us and thanks for supporting Irish producers!