GG IN THE TP / by gruelguerilla

It's time you know the truth, I've been keeping something from you for a while now. I've been meeting and exchanging text message with someone else, it's pretty serious and we are taking it to the next step. I'm going to move in with them.

So there you have it, the truth. The Gruel Guerilla is opening it's first FDHD (F**KING DEADLY HOT DOG) STAND in the famous surrounds the Twisted Pepper. It will all kick of this Friday 28th and then become a weekly thing after that!

From Thursday to Sunday we shall serve you up the tastied Hot Dogs this side of the Liffey. The other side of the Liffey we might also set up a stand just to have the whole City. The Dogs shall be coming from the magnificent Ed Hick, the bread from Arun Bakery, it will be topped off with our special rum caramelised onions and A.B.B.Q sauce. This is a test run and after than expect a veggie option but for the first little while expect pork, vegetarian unfriendly pork. Loads of it.

We'll also have our HOTDOG HONOUR CARD for all you folks that love oyur dogs so much.

So there you have it, finally you can eat while drinking! FINALLY.


Just to recap: FDHD in Twisted Pepper on Abbey St from Thursday-Sunday till FDHD runs out.


You have been informed, we await your custom.