Supper Happened....kind of...August 1st / by Kevin

Well...sometimes....things don't work. I think I was being stupid. I wasn't interested enough in the menu, it was half-hearted and because of that it was not a good supper.

I was embarrassed to serve it to people. I charged no one and I would never have paid for what I gave people. To begin I forgot to put the carageen in the panna cotta....I put in agar not thinking...then I just didn't set. So I whipped up a batch of raspberry sorbet. That was nice.

I could not find sea I went with spinach. The mushrooms tasted of white a bad way. The crust on the pastry was pretty much a chestnut crumble under mushroom.

The fritters were fine. The batter was bland and uninteresting.

The salad was its usual self, I have made it before.

I sat at the table and couldn't bring myself to eat more than a bite of each item of food. This supper taught me a lesson, I can not word this lesson but it happened.

This is the end of this post. Not to positive, but I am looking forward. I'm terribly happy with this weeks coming up Secret Supper in the Joy of Cha. It has no meat in it and I am entirely happy to make it and know it'll taste amazing.

.....also...I may have put tarragon in the dip for the fritter instead of rosemary...this I realised at about 1am....for this I have no excuse....