Saturday 11th August, The day we ate everything from Temple Bar Food Market! / by Kevin

Myself & D decided to have a day of eating supplied from Temple Bar, a cinema..and dinner..with salads.

So breakfast begun with, slices of the most wonderful bread I have ever tasted. The rustic loaf from Le levain Bakery. Topped with sliced seasonal very wonderful and delicious cherry tomatoes from the McNallys and slices of Jamon iberico bellota from The Real Olive Co. finished with a supper fresh poached eggs. There was black pepper from Len's Grains and balsamic vinegar from David Llywelyn. Oh also fried pears from Healy's Organic Vegetables! It was amazing.

Then we moved onto more bread! Toasted. We spread McNally's better and Orange Marmalade over it. Warm, melting and wonderful.

Next it was off to the cinema to see 'El Bulli - Cooking in Progress', I decided that I needed popcorn for the movie and D decided we needed actual food. We decided to go with both. We had a baguette from levain so we came up with a filling of roast tomatoes, D's white bean humus, sliced artichokes and mizuna leaves. I wanted to make 'Thai basil pesto popcorn' With an hour before the movie began we go working on with cinematic treat. With 20min to spare we headed for the lighthouse cinema. Walked into the screen at 15:29 and sat to watch this amazing amazing. How they look at food, how they treat each individual ingredient, some dishes just consisting of a single ingredient treated in a new and interesting way. I came out feeling very inspired.

The awesome sandwich:


The pesto Popcorn:

An artist's rendition of how our popcorn and sandwich looked.*

White Bean Hummus Sandwich

*The artist happens to be D. It's all very handy. She has also designed my new business cards! Click the popcorn if you'd like to see her other work!

I love Temple Bar Food Market, it's close to my home. Some of my favourite people in the world are there let along some of the more delicious food you can get your hands on. I feel honoured to be part of the community.