SUPPER | DECEMBER 20.21.22 | 8 SEATS | BYOB / by Kevin Powell


We've decided to open our apartment in Temple Bar back up to you lovely people for a few nights before the end of the year. We've changed some things around and cleared out some of our chairs. We've gone back from 16 seats to 8, from 2 tables to 1 and hopefully improved the over all experience for everyone.

We have decided on a menu that is long, takes an evening to enjoy and will showcase our favourite suppliers from the last few years of our meals. 

There it is! The menu, lengthy and wonderful. Stuffed with our favourite ingredients. The deal on the evening: The meals will be on the evenings of 20th, 21st and 22nd of December (Sun, Mon+Tues) Arrive between 6:30-7:30 get cozy and sip a winter julep. We'll then kick off about 8 and hopefully finish just before midnight. Our cheeseboard is plentiful and makes for a good few stories. There's no set price for the night, pay whatever you feel and enjoy the whole experience. The usual deal with the booze is there 'bring your own' I'm fond of beers with the food to be honest. Bring wine if you feel like it, the flavours can yoyo wildly between courses and that can sometimes a challenge with wine

To book a seat mail us at