East Mediterranean Christmas! Friday 14th! / by Kevin

141212christmas The final Supper for the year! Ah-boo! Well here it is, it's a secret 5 course menu that's good and warming (none of this cold cranberry sauce and dry turkey in this household) WE'RE GOING DUCK AND PLUMS....well there goes some of the secret. We were meant to have a larger location but sure things happen.....or don't happen and then this is what happens....(I have not had breakfast yet, I feel somewhat delirious (well I had an Ed Hick Venison and vodka salami....) Anyway, come over be merry and eat. It's the usual way to book, twitter, email, phone or shout at me on the street. Just incase here's the contact stuff!

Twitter - @newsofthecurd Email - supper@newsofthecurd.com