Sip & Slurp (A new café on Charlemont St) / by Kevin

It's has been a busy and exciting two weeks. I was very pleased to be asked to help create the menu for a very interesting new café on Charlemont St. They were going to specialise in soups, numerous and varied. The had taken over the a café formerly Café Nous and completly done it up. The interioir which is cool and relaxed was designed by Curve.

What they wanted from me were soup recipes, numerous and varied. I jumped at the opportunity. The café owned and operated by Tiernan, Nerissa & Barry (a group of friends all in their 20's). Their age above all was what interested me most. I get very excited to see people my age doing stuff for the food industry in Ireland. So I came up with recipes many recipes and we tried them all! We also developed homemade stock for the soup along with a range of salads and sandwiches. The salads change weekly while the sandwiches enjoy a rather regular change. Along with cooking the ham in house, all relishes and humus are made in house.

It's been wonderful and soup filled. They opened on Thursday 18th to eagerly waiting lunch crowd from the nearby Harcourt St area. Come 12:30 we were filled with well dressed people enjoy all the soups we could offer them! I was very pleased to see it get nice and busy.

I really like the energy in Sip & Slurp. It always smells great with the soups on the go constantly for the next day, everything is fresh and warm. The atmosphere is very comfortable and welcoming.

In other news concerning the life and times at Sip & Slurp, Nerissa and myself will be opening the café on either a Saturday or Sunday to do amazing brunches for folks about looking to eat and drink wonderful treats at the weekend. The menu will be designed and cooked by me and Nerissa will hip up beautful coffees. It's all starting in November.

So that's it, a wonderful café is now at your disposal, soups are tasty, they'll keep you warm, you should come along and say hello.