eurotaco | the 1€ taco project by Kevin


It's cheap, it's quick, it's eurotaco.

Myself and Pete Williams got chatting one night about dollar tacos. A straight forward idea, go up order your tacos 1,2 or 10 receive the bare bones of the taco [shell and meat] then go garnish. Done. Simple. Return.

So we decided we'd give it ago. For the next 6 months or so we'll be up for turning up at your events/nights/art opening/pool party with cheap tacos in hand.

The tacos on each night might be different, there's no choice you get what you get. But it's all prepared from scratch, it's all fresh and as always it's all irish were possible (can't find irish limes atm)

But yeah, you want ourselves along, you know a few hundred people who'll eat tacos pop us an email:

One of us will arrive. We might also have a taco   maiden in toe (Susie)