8 SEAT SUPPER | JUNE | 15.16.17 / by Kevin Powell

Here it is! Our long awaited menu. I had a pretty hectic few weeks there. So first of all apologies. We've gotten around to doing ALOT of foraging around Dublin City recently and we've a few interesting pieces planned for this menu! We have come up with a wee 10 course menu for you all to enjoy....well 24 of you. But still! We are also planning an amazing meal for August when the amazingly fabulous Robin returns to us for a short spell. It's going to be a mix of local Kyoto ingredients and our normally amazing fresh produce. But to get back to this month! Below you will find the menu. If you would like to reserve a spot please mail us: hello@gruelguerrilla.com

So, there it is! It's our usual deal BYO (we go with beer, pick up a few and have small glasses with friends. Mix them up!) There will be wee brown envelopes at the end you can pay what you feel the meal was worth or whatever you'd like! We kick off about 8.30, feel free to arrive between 7:30 and 8:30. It's all very sociable, with such an extensive menu we can't overly accommodate for dietary requirements, but don't let that stop you asking!