The fabulous and wonderful Junko Hamilton is making a quick pitstop in Ireland for a few days. We've offered back up our place for her to host a miso workshop! It will be limited to 10 spots so get in quick! It's on Sunday February 28th at 1pm here in Temple Bar. 

This our 3rd year making miso and it's always been an amazing experience, tasting them as they develop. The workshop is great for anyone interested in taking their Japanese home cooking. Junko is a wealth of knowledge and just being able to spend time with her is worth it!

Here is what Junko has to say about the workshop:

In the Miso-making Workshop, you will bring home about 2kg of prepared miso and allow it to ferment for seven to twelve months at your home.
Miso is made from three ingredients - Soy beans, Koji and salt.
It's simple to make, but the art is in the fermentation.
You will not be disappointed if you are a Miso-lover!

What you will need on the day is a CLEAN 3KG KILNER JAR, AN APRON and BETWEEN 7 TO 12 MONTHS OF PATIENCE!

I will also be preparing a light meal for all to enjoy showcasing some of the many uses of miso! The price for the event is 75€. Email us hello@gruelguerrilla.com to hold a spot!