MIDSUMMER MENU | JUNE 28 | SUNDAY / by Kevin Powell

We'll be hosting a meal on Sunday for 10 peeps! Everything is coming from Temple Bar Food Market as usual and it'll all be magical!

pop us a mail to hello@gruelguerrilla.com 


gin spiked beetroot and currant leaf shrub with trout caviar, fennel aioli on rye biscuit

catch of the day ceviche cooked in rhubarb tigers milk with gooseberries and kohl rabi

scotch curry pickled egg with amber ale mustard and cress

goat tartare with nasturtium and chive flowers, egg yolk on toasted rye fruit loaf

smoked mushrooms with cherries, onions and spicy popped grains

apples, camomile and elderflower

a selection of Irish raw milk cheeses