BEER | CHEESE | BELFAST / by Kevin Powell

So on Wednesday myself and Pete headed for Established. The plan was simple, serve 14 lovely people some interesting food. Everything based around raw milk cheeses and paired with beers from Boundary Brewing. The idea cam eup nearly a year ago while myself and Michael from Mike's Fancy Cheese were chatting. We decided on a rocking spring menu and starting thinking about dates, then Mike broke his hand which threw a spanner in the works. Between our schedules, Established very busy schedule, our dinner changed a few seasons. So when we final got to meeting up again we decided it would be best to kick of Mike's Cheesemas with a wonderful winter meal. We made a menu and Matthew from Boundary got pairing!

We prepped some in our kitchen in Dublin in the days leading up the event and then grabbed an aircoach up to steal Estd kitchen in the late afternoon. Pete came along* to lend a hand and carry a bag or two. We hit Estd took over the kitchen and attempted to get the icecream together in time for that evening. We got pickling, roasting and dressing. 

Belfast being it's punctual self, we had everyone in and sitting dead on 7:30 and the first course came out 10 minutes later. Beers where drank and cheese, suppliers and brewing where discussed. A pleasant crowd took it all in and showed wonderful interest in everything we had to say. 

From 4pm till 9pm we churned a wonderful smelling Young Buck custard towards icecream. At 9 we decided it was a no go and we had to get something else on the go. Fridges were raided and pears nicked. In they went in a pan with 'filthy animal' stout. It was nice to end with a warm dish on a cold night, even though the icecream tasted amazing once it was ready. It will return as we will also return to Belfast with Mike for a few more cheese excursions!

*a side note about one Mr.Peter Williams. First of all I think up most of my menus most of the time, then a lot of the time Pete arrives with his honesty, knowledge and skill. He takes what I want to do and helps make it something that I never thought it could be. He gets the flavours I appreciate and he likes how I pickle things. He appreciates our use of leaf and flowers and is one of the only people I've ever worked with were we can stand in silence, be happy and make a meal. It's great when he's around and Gruel Guerrilla is all the more lucky to have him when he decides to be in this country. He a fine chap.