Pancake Tuesday Brunch UPDATE! / by Kevin

IMG_20130209_172122 Here it is! The food! The costs and the price! Pretty much everything but the flour and milk for the pancakes is coming striaght from Temple Bar Farmers Market! So happy days! We can also proudly anncounce that we shall have the wonderful Paul from Tamp & Stitch around whipping up some fantastic Aeropress Coffees mad with freshly ground Hasbean beans! Here's the list and prices:Pancakes also fruits : €5

Pancakes & Bacon: €5.50

Skinheads on raft: €3.50

Pig wrapped in bread: €5

Aero-press coffee: €3

Fresh OJ: €2

Water's on the house!

Turn up any stage between 12-3pm and we'll have ya fed, we are limited to amount of food we can make, but we'll handle it! Pop an email to with the time you'd like to arrive about. I'll get back to you with all the details!