A night at the Grand Budapest Hotel - Screening & Afterparty
to May 2

A night at the Grand Budapest Hotel - Screening & Afterparty

We will be knocking out some Courtesan au Chocolat for Hunt and Gather's amazing Wes Anderson night in the Sugar Club

H&G are proud to present a night at the Grand Budapest Hotel on the 1st of May 2015! This event will be a tantalizing tribute to of one the world’s most noteworthy filmmakers, Wes Anderson!

Taking place in the ideal venue of the Sugar club, the night begins with the showing of Anderson’s latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Set amongst a fictional pre-war European setting, the film is a magical display of both meticulous style and attention to detail. Aesthetically remaining in a state of antiquity and sophistication, the screwball inspired adventure harkens back to Wes Anderson’s earlier films. From the rolling landscapes of Moonrise Kingdom to the dysfunctional household of The Royal Tenenbaums, Anderson reveals the inner youthful sentiment in all of us.

For this event fancy dress is highly encouraged with each guest free to choose his or her own film for subject matter. We imagine the result to be as a dazzling display of character portraits, set amongst an elaborate H&G backdrop! We will provide our customary make-up corner and a few extra surprises for those unsure of which character they aspire to be. Immersive performance will interject the evening adding a new dimension to your film watching! We will be offering Anderson inspired culinary experiences out in the courtyard for you to pick up during and after the film, so come with an open mind and an empty tummy!

Doors open at 20:30 with the film beginning at 21:00 sharp!
Afterparty 11:00 - 04:00 !

Tickets to Movie & Afterparty €15
Tickets to Afterparty only €10
— Hunt & Gather
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to Apr 4

Gruel Guerrilla | NOTC SUPPERS | 2nd.3rd.4th.APRIL

Our supper for April will be bright and fresh and hopefully reflecting the spring we will be enjoying by that point!

Here's the menu as it currently stands! As usual things change and some ingredients might differ on the night! 

sprouting broccoli, wild garlic capers and young buck
ceviche, amaranth popcorn, rhubarb, greens
grilled oysters with nameco mushrooms
cress malfatti made with homemade buttermilk ricotta with sweet brown butter
black pudding, toasted spelt pearls and egg
honey and toasted barley icecream with chillax jelly
raw milk cheeses, rhubarb,green tomato and whey chutney served with rye crackers

We'll be getting our hands on beautiful mushrooms from Ballyhoura mountain mushrooms, along with a selection of the best Irish raw milk cheeses from Corleggy Cheeses, including some fabulous Young buck

Same deal as always: Kick off at 7 | Leg it by midnight | BYO | €35 

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Gruel Guerrilla | NOTC Suppers | 7 Courses
to Mar 7

Gruel Guerrilla | NOTC Suppers | 7 Courses

Our suppers are returning!

Now the GG has enveloped News of the Curd we are going to take a new spin on our long standing supper model. Each plate will focus on a main ingredient to show you how good the ingredients we get from our magical suppliers! 

From cheeses to mushrooms to cucamelons.

We'll be kicking off at 7 and fininshing around midnight. It's 35€ for the food and bring your own booze/pop/etc

You'll find out preliminary menu under the 'menus' tag and believe me we are excited for to be back at this!

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