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Gruel Guerrilla | NOTC SUPPERS | 2nd.3rd.4th.APRIL

Our supper for April will be bright and fresh and hopefully reflecting the spring we will be enjoying by that point!

Here's the menu as it currently stands! As usual things change and some ingredients might differ on the night! 

sprouting broccoli, wild garlic capers and young buck
ceviche, amaranth popcorn, rhubarb, greens
grilled oysters with nameco mushrooms
cress malfatti made with homemade buttermilk ricotta with sweet brown butter
black pudding, toasted spelt pearls and egg
honey and toasted barley icecream with chillax jelly
raw milk cheeses, rhubarb,green tomato and whey chutney served with rye crackers

We'll be getting our hands on beautiful mushrooms from Ballyhoura mountain mushrooms, along with a selection of the best Irish raw milk cheeses from Corleggy Cheeses, including some fabulous Young buck

Same deal as always: Kick off at 7 | Leg it by midnight | BYO | €35